Atlanta Tackling the Tough Problems First

It’s always good when a city tries to solve its problems by going after the toughest ones first.  That’s why everybody has to be impressed with the city of Atlanta for tackling its crime problem, homelessness problem, drug problem, education problem, gender inequality problem baggy pants problem.

Turns out baggy pants that show boxers are a “major problem” in Atlanta, so much so that city councilman, C.T. Martin has sponsored an amendment to the city’s indecency laws.  Check it out here.  And it’s not just baggy pants with boxers, it’s the thongs peeking out too.  Scandalous.

The fact that a black man in Atlanta of all places is supporting this amendment (which will target mostly black men) is astounding.  Can he seriously not attend to one of the many other problems facing black youth in Atlanta?  Really?

Let’s not even break it down to race.  Let’s just talk about Atlanta in general.  1 violent crime per 64 people in 2007.  That’s worse than LA.  Check here for an article on those stats and the mayor of Atlanta.

This is why so many cities have so many problems.  So much wasted time.

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  1. avatar squeezweasel Says:

    Jeez Atlanta. Pull yer pants up already.

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