Sometimes you just need to get away.  It sounds like such a cliche, but sometimes you really do just need to get away from anything you are dealing with.  That’s kind of what Life in Parc is all about.

Anyway, I took out the bike today and headed down to the Lachine Rapids.  I have been out on my bike on a lot of really bad weather days.  Days where I am in the woods, coming down a muddy and slippery hill wondering what in God’s name I was thinking when I left the house under dark grey skies.  Today was not one of those days.  It was perfect.  A nice breeze, sun was shining, warm, but not too hot.  Perfect.

So back to Lachine.  Gotta say, if you have to compare Toronto’s Lakeshore to Lachine’s…well, there is no comparison.  From the nature reserve to the cool places to stop to the 70 year olds line dancing under the bandshell, riding along the St. Lawrence wins hands down.  But note to self: If I am going to do more of this bike path thing and not off-road, gotta get a new road bike.  Mountain bike on a long distance path ride = inefficient.

Anyway, if you’re heading out Montreal way, make sure you put the bikes on the roof and make some time to have a ride along the St. Lawrence.  Check out some basic info here.

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