Back when the New Year was about to roll around, I did something strange.  I made a New Year’s Resolution.  Was it to capitalize all kinds of words?  No.  It was to make an effort to immerse my daughter in a variety of forms of art.  Now that isn’t so strange in itself, but the fact that I made a resolution is.  I never make them.  I’ve never found use for them and most of the time, they are cliched.  It is sort of like how people give things up for Lent.  I mean, they give up things like “Sprite.”  What’s the point?  The one time I have made a deal about Lent was when I said that I was giving up giving up things.  That worked out well…and my ticket to hell is being upgraded as we speak.

But back to the resolution.  I just made one this year for something to do and I actually wanted to get my daughter into art.  I want her to be able to express herself as she feels fit (outside of constantly telling me that I am “mysterious”) later in her life, but even more than that, I just want her to experience how other people view things too.  And I want her to splash around in paint occasionally, because that’s tons of fun.

I’ve managed to get her out to some stuff and the ROM has some good stuff for kids.  They tend to stay away from things for kids under 5, but at least they are making an effort.  Click here to see what I am talking about.  The middle of October sees a variety of programs start via the Saturday Morning Club, definitely worth checking out if you have kids 5 and up.

Okay, moving away from the whole resolution thing, but staying with art at the ROM, the Shapeshifters, Time Travellers and Storytellers exhibit that opens October 6 will definitely be worth checking out.  Some of Faye HeavyShield’s work will be on display, which will be a treat for anyone who attends.  That’s all…

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