Please God, Make It Stop

I like The Police.  I like Van Halen.  I don’t mind The Eagles.  But now that Led Zep has announced they are getting back together (albeit for a one night show as a fundraiser), I think we all need to put a stop to this geriatric reunion thing.

I love Led Zeppelin.  I really do.  I think they are one of the few bands that actually deserve all of the attention and credit that they received (and still do).  They are a major influence for a lot of bands, which means that indirectly, those bands are influenced by blues artists from back in the day.  Anyway, I am hoping that this one off show does not result in Led Zep saying, “Yeah, well, we had such a good time that night and everything felt so real, we figured we would just tour a bit, just to have some fun and get back into it again.”  I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.  Jon Bonham is dead.  So they’re using his son on drums?  In Van Halen, now on guitar…Wolfgang Van Halen?  Another offspring?  That should make this as funny as it really is.

You know the day I started to feel old?  I mean actually feel old?  It was last year, I was watching a ball game and playing second base in this game was Josh Barfield…Jesse Barfield’s son.  I grew up watching Jesse Barfield.  I wanted to throw like him.  I actually got to meet him a few years back and felt like a little kid again.  That all came crashing down when I heard his son announced as a starter in the bigs.  Now I can’t watch any sporting events without somebody’s son playing.  I don’t think this should extend to music.  When the band’s done, it’s done.  I’m not talking about where there is a break up and a few years later they realize they were crazy and get back together.  I’m talking when you break up, spend your years in between boozing and releasing sub-par material on your own, raise a few kids, go through a few marriages and then get your band back together.  It just sounds like a movie Billy Bob Thornton would star in.

I mean, check this out.  This is what David Lee Roth looks like now.  And man, this hurts, because when I was young, I REALLY liked Van Halen.

David Lee Roth

I mean, that photo does not say, “Drop $200 for a seat at the ACC for the Van Halen concert.”  That photo says, “Hey man, yesterday I asked you for a quarter and you walked by me…well, look at me now!”

Does Jimmy Page drip rock n’ roll in this photo?

Jimmy Page

Not quite.  More like, “‘Scuse me guv’, would ya mind watchin’ me roses while I’m back in Middlesex fo the w’kend?”

Now, I’m not against anybody making a buck and I’m not saying that these guys aren’t still talented, but it just doesn’t seem right.  Your day is done.  Now go and tell Mick Jagger and the boys.


  1. avatar Jus Says:

    Page looks like a banker, and the Rolling Stones need to be shot. I wish that Mick and Keith circa ’72 could have a go at the current incarnation. It wouldn’t be pretty, but I would actually pay the $200 they charge for a seat nowadays to watch that. I saw Jane’s Addiction, Gang of Four (original lineup), Dinosaur Jr.(original lineup) and The Pixies (original lineup) on reunion tours, and while each show was pretty good (the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. in particular) there is no doubt that it would have been that much better first time around. Still, I think that reunion tours have their place. Someone please stop the Who. Please.

  2. avatar Jay Says:

    I would think Dino Jr. would be pretty entertaining, but I’m not so sure if I would enjoy the Pixies now…Frank just seemed to get so into himself after going solo.

    Yes, the Who do need to be stopped…immediately.

  3. avatar Barney Says:

    Albeit you are right, Zeppelin is not quite the monster of Rock they once were but a few of us would like the opportunity to see them play together again. I saw the O2 show and thought this could either be great or a nightmare. It turned out to be great. I would imagine that a short tour would be great, nothing long so that Robert’s voice could get raw but something that would serve as a good farewell.

  4. avatar Jay Says:

    I heard the O2 show was amazing and that it lived up to the hype. The question is, would that sort of electricity be reproduced again? Would all of the guys really feel like going through the rigors of a tour? I’m not so sure.

    Anyway, with the success Plant is having with Krauss right now (that’s a strange pairing, but a great CD), I don’t think Led Zeppelin will be doing anything else.

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