Because the World Needs Another Grill

I’ve never been an Evander Holyfield (or is that Evan Fields?) fan, so it is with great pleasure that I pass on the info that he is now promoting his own grill to challenge George Foreman’s. 

Now I’m thinking that if I were a boxer looking at getting into selling a product, I would probably stay away from the most succesful product out there, one that has the market cornered and is marketed by one of the most popular and appreciated people out there.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve tried one of those George Foreman grills and they’re really damn good.  The thing cooks a burger in no time, gets rid of the fat and doesn’t dry it out.  How do you improve on that?  What makes a guy say, “You know, I’m going to create a new burger cooker…one that cooks the burger um…in a…um…different way. Yeah, that’s it.  Hey, $99!” 

Holyfield has said that just like any other product, the newer ones are improved and have better technology.  Note to Evander: Dude, you are cooking burgers here.  Burgers.  I think we’ve pretty much used up all of the technology we possibly could to cook a burger.

I mean, George Foreman is so far ahead of Evander on this that now he’s selling the things in China.  Wow.  Evander, down for the count.

Maybe Evander should do some spots for prosthetics or something. 

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