What I Will Be Doing Instead of Going to the Earth Hour Concert

So, it appears I don’t get it.  Everybody is talking about this concert on the weekend at Nathan Phillips Square, but I don’t get it.  We are supposed to be focusing on the environment and living a more sustainable lifestyle, but we are going to host a concert that is ultimately going to waste more energy and indirectly pollute the environment more than we already do?  I dunno.  Then again, a little pollution might be worth seeing Nelly Furtado in a pair of jeans.

Maybe what we should really be doing for an hour on Saturday is seeing how much energy we can use in one hour.  Each person should see how completely ignorant they can get, just running everything, appliances, faucets, lights, cars, EVERYTHING…to see if we can cause another blackout.  I missed the first one, as I was back in Montreal, where I watched some highlights from a pub.  Funny that, watching highlights of darkness from a pub.  Kind of trippy actually.

There are just so many little things each person can be doing for the environment that just don’t seem to be catching on.  I mean people, come on, it’s 2008.  Can we stop using styrofoam cups in the office?  If you are a coffee drinker or a tea drinker and you know that every day you are going to be drinking tea or coffee, is it really that hard to bring in a coffee cup to keep at your desk and wash after you’re done?  Really?  Do you have to use 5 styrofoam cups each day at work?

Electronic car starters.  I’ve lived in a couple of places that are FAR colder than Toronto.  Okay, it does get pretty windy here in the winter, but the whole car starter thing is the biggest joke ever.  The car NEVER warms up by the time you get out to it.  The truth is, most new cars will warm up a lot faster just by driving them.  So if you’re idling your car, you’re just wasting gas and money and unnecessarily polluting the environment.  Here’s an idea.  Make yourself a cup of coffee, put it in a transportable cup, put a winter jacket on, get in the car, turn the heat on and drive.  Sip the coffee to stay warm.  Before you know it, the car’s warm and all’s well.  I know, it’s revolutionary.

 I think the plastic bag thing has been killed by now, but kudos to some stores, such as Fortinos, for giving 5 cent credits for each reusable bag you take to the grocery store.  It’s not a huge amount, but it’s better than nothing and it’s progress.

 Anyway, if you’re going to the concert, enjoy, but just remember why you are there.

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