In Defense of Beautiful Women

By now, I’m sure all of you have seen some of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.  You see women from (almost) all walks of life, old women, young women, fat women, average looking women…you have to give them credit, it has been an effective campaign (although absolutely tired now…guys, move on).  The whole premise was expertly summed up in the “Evolution” video that was posted on Youtube, showing how the images we are subjected to are mostly manipulated in order to conform to what society considers beautiful.  It really is a good video, so kudos to them for creating something effective and creating buzz.

There has been some news lately about the possibility of the Campaign for Real Beauty having its own work done to it, creating some question about the validity of their own version of beauty and smacking of hypocrisy.  But I’m not even going to go into that, because I really don’t know what is done to any image I see, so what the hell do I care?

What I have a problem with, is what’s wrong with being drop dead gorgeous?  I work up at Yonge and Eglinton and good Lord, it’s like a casting call every morning.  You see some of these women and you think, “Man, she could be in an ad right now. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.”  Some of these women have bodies that are built for sin (which doesn’t necessarily mean that they as people are) and some of them have those runway “tall and not an inch of fat on them” look.  Does that make them not part of what Dove considers beautiful? 

To me, the whole thing just reeks of jealousy.  I don’t know why women seem to pick on each other so much.  The whole “real woman” or “real beauty” thing is a joke.  The fact that they are even using “real” in their campaign shows how out of touch they are with beauty, because as far as they are concerned, “real” does not include if you are born looking like a supermodel. 

Why do women secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hate other beautiful women?  You never see guys doing this with other guys.  Yeah, we might not always admit when another guy is good looking, but we’re not stupid, we know which guys are good looking and which ones aren’t.  But realistically, if you see a guy who’s good looking, you’re thinking, “Wow, that guy must get more action than he can handle.  How can I be this dude’s wingman?  Hell, forget wingman, how can I be this guy’s garbage man?  I’ll clean up his leftovers…then it’s just a matter of numbers…eventually the odds work out.”  True, men have their own sense of what a “real” man is and advertisers use it in all sorts of campaigns, but we don’t take it seriously.  We’re not going to have serious discussions on what it means to be a real man, because in the end, we just don’t really care that much.

So beautiful women, keep your heads up…and a little to the left, that’s it, that’s it, work it for the camera!


  1. avatar Anonymous Says:

    As an average-looking woman myself, I’ll answer this.

    It IS jealousy. The human race gets MIGHTY competitive when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex. And when everyone’s flocking to a prime example of beauty, do you really expect us plain-looking folk to sit back and say, “good for her, detracting all the attention!” Oh, no, we get angry. We get bitter. We get jealous. We do. It’s instinct at work making us try to outdo one another in the same of sex and love and what the hell ever else. Men do it, too, like you said, although in a different pattern.

    But DO you believe that one has to be streamlined and thin with a gorgeous face in order to be “beautiful?” ARE women with different body shapes, etc, excluded from the beauty ring because they aren’t commercial supermodel material? I will not say that what society popularly deems beautiful is beautiful, because I believe it is, but the supermodel look is certainly not the only beautiful look.

  2. avatar Devan Says:

    In response to the ‘real women, real beauty’ concept, I would commend Dove’s effort to put a more realistic and alternative concept of beauty out there in the main stream. Images of super model women have dominated the advertising landscape for a very long time, and while they are stunning to look at, their image has come to represent the only accepted form of beauty in culture, and it has become unhealthy. Most adolescent girls will at the very least entertain the idea of an eating disorder before age 14, because they have been taught that super model beauty is the norm. It isn’t. The super model ideal only comes naturally to 12% of women world wide, but somehow it has managed to become the standard, so I think it’s important that girls and women alike are shown some kind of alternative to reinforce the idea that it’s ok if you aren’t six feet tall without an ounce of body fat. I also think it’s important to stress that beauty is sononymous with intelligence, bravery, empowerment, creativity, and intuition. Women don’t need to feel that our only value is our sex appeal, we’re better and more complex than that.

  3. avatar Lola Says:

    “I also think it’s important to stress that beauty is sononymous with intelligence, bravery, empowerment, creativity, and intuition. Women don’t need to feel that our only value is our sex appeal, we’re better and more complex than that.”


  4. avatar Jay Says:

    I hear ya Lola. I like to think that my wife is also beautiful because she is all of the things you listed above and also because she challenges me. You want somebody who is their own person and brings out the best in you too, right? Anyway, I just can’t stand that campaign, it seems so short-sighted. Hopefully the “real women” see through it. Thanks for the comment!


  5. avatar Nisha Says:

    Jay you are correct. Look losers, it’s like this. If you want to e seen as competitively attractive, you will have to accept society’s standards because those are what are creating the ideals. If you don’t LIKE that idea, take a less physically attractive mate. take someone who is more “beautiful on the inside” and forget about dancing in your underwear. Yes, there ARE plus sized fashion models who have gorgeous FACES. the fashion industry and the entertainment industry already fights within itself to “redefine” beauty. If you aren’t in it, you just ain’t part of the conversation . It’s stupid to assume that if terr were no standards whatsoever you would be happy. someone has to compete for something and unless we are going to start handing out the “stupid and ugly prize”, there have to be criteria.

  6. avatar Nisha Says:

    Lola. If you feel that way, don’t seek out a hot dude or a flashy dude. And once again if you feel that way you DON’T NEED TO BE FEATURED IN AN UNDERWEAR AD. Physically unattractive women stay away from our men of choice, thanks!!! the reason they like to ;@ you is because you are less demanding and it makes our lives a living hell trying to compete with it. you talk all of this crap about more beautiful on the inside but at the end of the day it is about wanting your ;$;@’ to be on the top of the shelf.
    Get it to wherever it belongs. thanks. oh yeah, as far as that whole “not a sex object” thing is concerned. Ok that’s great. if you aren’t a sex object, and that’s not what matters to you, then why would you say that because f your mind a person would want to make love to you??? Find another peeps with a beautiful mind who looks the same. Beautiful women never get to run their mouths because they are in the minority. They are expected to be polite all of the time. I have had manners tact and grace and that has only led to more bitching whining conplajngning and bad behavior on the part of less attractive women in my vicinity and the men NEVER come to my defense. Shame on you men. If you weren’t so busy jerking off to the Internet maybe you would step up and defend the ladies who make your day a bit brighter with teir beautiful BODIES AND FACES. Thank you jay. one in a million.

  7. avatar Nisha Says:

    I am sorry for the vitriol it’s just all of my life I was taught and I eeieves it was wrong to flirt with another woman’s man, to attack or tease a girl for being unattractive, to assume I had a privilege I didn’t earn.
    I also thought it was important to educate myself.
    So you know what happened?
    women far less attractive than I behaving like monsters and getting CREDIT for their “individuality” and “bravery” and “spirit”. Me being told that I was a greedy bitch for wanting to be respected for my mind as well.
    also being told I was a dishrag for not being aggressive when it came to men, and “in a sneering tone”, a “good person”. Never once did I think I had. Aright to tell someone else out loud what I thought of them.
    I ame from
    An impoverished environment and worked like a dog to win my way int something better. For which the less attractive women around me would automatically accuse me of having an “easy life”. they assumed that no matter what i did I hadn’t earned it.
    So to you men out there who still care about things like a beautiful woman, let me tell you something. you need to step up in defense of beautiful women. And stand up to the other WOMEN in your lives be they sisters friends or mothers who use their influence to abuse mistreat objectify and slander the beautiful women of the world. You are the ones with the power t say, plainly, we support and defend beautiful women. I have seen more often than not the reason a dude mistreats the beautiful woman in his life is Because he is under pressure from
    The people around him to do so. ESPECIALLY the other women. so dudes, step up to the plate. THANK YOU JAY.

  8. avatar Nisha Says:

    Unless of course you really believe that it would be better to inseminate an entire hoard of “beautiful on the inside” women because the world would be a “better place”. if that’s the case then I guess you ar going to have to takes some courses in biodiversity and its function in The animal kingdom and also in the PSYCHOLOGY OF BEAUTY. Beauty standards have to do with the creation of hierarchies. it is a sign of order. it is actually my belief that beautiful women become ugly on the inside as a result of having to defend themselves so often from attacks. and I don’t think that’s remotely cute. Period.

  9. avatar Nisha Says:

    Oh and devan. the point that jay has is precisely that GORGEOUS isn’t mainstream. It’s elite. That’s real too. Just like an elite athlete or musician. not everyone can be elite. If you have in mind the kind of utopia where no one is rewarded for their value and there is no social structure, I guess you should take up socialism or communism. They don’t work, because motivated by envy, people will always try to glom off the hard work of someone else. You know, be half as beautiful and also half as intelligent and then make some
    Stupid ass argument about “too much pressure wouldn’t you rather have someone like me?” And the answer is, the dude who would rather ah e someone like you, thinks the dove ad cool, and the dude who wouldn’t realistically be paired with beyonce or a supermodel isn’t paying any attention whatsoever to the dove commercial. We don’t all live I the same world. Wake up.

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