A Really Super Sunday

Growing up, my family was always a sports family. It wasn’t so much that my parents put a lot of emphasis on the importance of sports, but we were always watching or playing sports and we all had our favourite teams. So when the Super Bowl would roll around every year, we would watch the game either at our place or a friend’s.

As I got older and moved out, sometimes I would go out with friends to watch the game and I even attended a few Super Bowl parties that were actually pretty cool. At one point in my career, I was even able to do some work that was directly related to the Super Bowl, which was an absolute thrill.

This past Sunday, there was plenty of intrigue around the Super Bowl. There was the thought of Peyton Manning’s dad having played for the Saints and having his son playing against his former team, the notion of the city of New Orleans needing the win after everthing the city has been through (more on that later), Drew Brees and Peyton Manning being two of the most prolific passers in the league…so there were plenty of reasons to watch.

But I didn’t. I didn’t see a minute of the game. Why? I had a Daddy-Daughter day with my 5 year old and needless to say, she didn’t give a damn about the game…and come to think of it, I completely forgot about the game until after it had actually started. You see, my wife had gone out with a friend, so I decided to go skating with my daughter, which we usually do on Sundays. After that, I took her to a salon to get her hair done, then out for something to eat and finally to the movies (we saw the Tooth Fairy, which actually was pretty funny for a family movie). We had a blast together and I only remembered the game when I called my wife to see if she was done shopping and wanted to join us for the movie. When she said that she was actually on her way home so that I could watch the game, I said, “Oh that’s okay, we’re going to see the Tooth Fairy.” My wife replied, “What, you don’t care about the game because of the teams involved?” and then I said something that I couldn’t believe after it rolled off my lips, “No, it’s not that, but it’s just a stupid game, we’re going to watch the Tooth Fairy.”

It’s not that I don’t usually do things with my daughter, I would say that I am actually quite involved in her life and make a point of spending a lot of time with her. But for me to say that the Super Bowl is just a “stupid game” is a big deal. This goes against my upbringing. The Super Bowl had never been a stupid game and I don’t think any sporting event had been referred to as stupid. It is an easy decision when faced with the question of spending time with my daughter against watching the Super Bowl, she is going to win every time, but for me to think that the game was “stupid” was kind of a shocker.

So I got to wondering why I had said that and the more I thought about it, the whole thing is kind of stupid. If you think about the amount people get into this game, it is ridiculous. People spend two weeks breaking down the game, analyzing all kinds of statistics even down to the weather. The parties get more and more extravagant each year and the amount of money companies spend on the ads keeps growing. But the way people were talking about how the Saints needed to win for the city of New Orleans was ridiculous.

The thing that bothered me the most about the Super Bowl this year was that people were talking about how a Saints win would mean so much for the city of New Orleans. Obviously, the city was traumatized by Hurrican Katrina back in 2005. It was one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States and it was their deadliest and costliest natural disaster ever. So yes, anything good that happens for the city is something that can be appreciated. But let’s be honest, during the hurricane, it was shown that the Presidency didn’t give a damn about the city and realistically, as there was a shocking lack of leadership and the response was mismanaged to say the least. The lack of any real coordinated action by the rest of the United States was depressing. There are all sorts of people and parts of the city that are still being affected by what happened in 2005. So to say that a Super Bowl win is going to really make a difference for the city was ridiculous. This is a stupid game. It’s not funding, it’s not more comprehensive logistics being established, it’s not legislative reform. It’s a football game played by millionaires in a city over 650 miles away from New Orleans. It’s a joke and now that the Saints have won, North Americans are going to go back to forgetting about what happened to that city.

I missed the Super Bowl because I was having a spa day with my daughter. I spent the day with her because she’s my daughter and I love her, but also because we were just having a lot of fun. Now that’s having a Super Sunday.

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