Don’t Hate Manny, or Any Other Pro Athlete

Seeing that we are in the middle of the Olympics and we are seeing (mostly) amateur athletes fighting it out for gold, silver and bronze (or in the case of Canadian athletes, personal bests), what better time to talk about major league baseball players?

There was an article today where Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers said that this would be his final year with the team and that after the season, he didn’t know where he was going to be or if he was even going to play at all. You wouldn’t believe the backlash this generated across the online sports world.

There’s a saying (that Manny created) that goes, “It’s just Manny being Manny.” You see, he has a knack for saying things and doing things that are strange, funny or even downright maddening, but he’s an original and always entertaining. He got busted for a banned substance last season, but whatever, who hasn’t?

The thing that bothers me to no end is how whenever people today talk about pro athletes, they always say “These overpaid pro athletes” or “nobody is worth that money” or “I would play for free”. First of all, no you wouldn’t. You would not play for free. That is the most stupid comment I have ever heard. You wouldn’t play for an organization for free while they made money off your likeness and your ability and if you did, well then, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple.

Also, don’t get all upset with a pro athlete because he gets paid for a few at bats what you make in a year, because if your company came to you and offered you millions of dollars to complete your menial desk job every day, you would jump at the chance and step over whoever you had to in order to sign the contract. People always like to think that they have some sort of almighty altruism that puts them in a special place to judge athletes, but they’re just jealous. If you had the talent to do what they do, you would…but you don’t, so get back to photocopying.

People often talk about how these guys are just playing a child’s game, but again, if you really think that, you are completely disassociated with the real world. Modern sports is not a game. It is big business. It requires year-round training. You wouldn’t believe some of the workouts and travel for players has increased since back in the 60s. Every sport is tougher on athletes today than when you were growing up, so if you haven’t played it at a high level, you need to stop talking. Go play 162 games, mix in some travel, some promo work, charity work, endorsement appearances, interviews and training and see what your body feels like.

Am I saying that anybody is worth millions of dollars to play a sport? Absolutely. You have to keep in mind the money that the clubs are making off their athletes. Don’t be upset with pro athletes because they have managed to turn the tables on owners and get their fair share of the pie…and if their slice is bigger than it should be, then good for them, because if you had the same leverage with your company, you would do the same thing. If you’re so offended by the dollars attached to the game, go watch college ball or if you’re a hockey fan, go watch junior. I don’t see all of these so-called hockey fans in Brampton at many of the Battalion games. Come on peeps, where you at?

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