Random Thoughts at 2:30 In the Morning

I should be sleeping, but I’m not. I’m listening to a bunch of different live performances from KXEP radio…and ironically enough, I keep replaying The Dears “Lights Off”. Here it is just so you can pretend that you were sitting here with me at 2:30 in the morning doing nothing but listening to music and knocking back neat Disaronno.

The Dears – Lights Off (KXEP)

So as I am listening to this song (and what I think is a great live version…God I love KXEP), for some reason I started thinking about the earthquake in Haiti and how it has fallen out of the media.  Unless you go looking for information, you really aren’t going to hear about it anymore.  Then I was thinking that President Obama sent Bill Clinton and George W. Bush there to help with the recovery.  Bush?  How’d he do last time there was a natural disaster in an area with a lot of black people?  Not sure about that choice Mr. President.

When I work late, why is the cleaning lady so afraid to come in and take my recycling and garbage?  I always say hello, so it’s not like she has to feel that she is disrupting me.  Not a big deal, I just find it strange.  Maybe it’s because I had the Rufus Wainwright going and she’s not a fan…or she thought I was gay and got all uncomfortable.  Speaking of Rufus…

Rufus Wainwright – April Fools

It’s completely immature of me, but any time somebody puts two “do’s” back to back in a sentence, I can’t help but start laughing like I’m back in middle school.  For example, if I am in a meeting and somebody is doing a presentation and says, “Well, we don’t do this anymore, what we do do is something completely different.”  All I hear in my head is doo-doo and I have to look down at my shoes and try really hard not to laugh.  I’m talking biting my tongue, thinking of 500 lb people straining on the toilet kind of thoughts just so I won’t laugh.

The countdown in the subway that lets you know how many minutes until the next train arrives could be the most inaccurate timing device around.  I look up at the screen and it says 5 minutes until the next train, I reach into my bag to pull out a newspaper and by the time I look up again, it says the train is arriving.  Either that clock is wrong or I am warping in and out of the present…and if I am, I really need to know where I am going and what I am doing when I am there, because I have some cuts on my hands that I can’t explain.  Man, OJ should have used that excuse.

What would the world be like if everybody ended up doing what they really wanted to do?  It might suck.  I might have to write about this more later.

Okay, now I should sleep.

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