Good Social CRM (is genuine)

When I experience poor customer service, I don’t hesitate to speak up. I’m never rude, I just bring the issue to the attention of the appropriate person and hopefully it a) allows them the opportunity to apologize and take corrective action (which results in my business returning) and b) gives them the opportunity to share the information with other salespeople/branches/franchises, etc.  I’ll probably start embarrassing my daughter soon, but hopefully she will pick up on the power consumers have and therefore become a better consumer when she gets older.

One of the great things about living in a social media world is our ability to easily provide feedback on products and services.  Through twitter, Facebook, company websites and a variety of other platforms, it’s very easy to let companies know how they are doing.  The only problem that remains is the same as in the pre-social media world; how your feedback is actually used.  Just as easy as it is to get your feedback to an organization, it is just as easy for them to either ignore it or just completely mishandle dealing with it.

Over the past few months, I have had some very different experiences with companies through twitter (which is my preferred method of communication).  Each one of the organizations had good intentions and really there was only one that fell slightly short on delivering truly solid customer service, so overall my experiences have been good.

On the Simcoe Day holiday weekend, I needed to quickly run into the bank.  It was the Sunday of the long weekend, so I figured the bank would be open, especially with TD touting its extended hours to help better serve their customers.   


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